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The best sleeping bags you can buy

A proper sleeping bag has the ability to make or break a camping or backpacking trip. Here are our picks for the best sleeping bags on the market to help you choose the correct bag for any type of outdoor adventure. More>>

Here are the 10 best laptop deals for October 2018

Whether you've started a new school year, are shopping for a student, or you just need a new computer, we've got you covered: These are the 10 best laptop deals going right now, from discounted MacBooks to on-the-go gaming... More>>

The best job search apps for iOS and Android in 2019

Looking for a job can be a stressful experience, but these days, a simple mobile app can help you to find and apply for jobs all over the country -- here are some of the best job search apps for iOS and Android. More>>

New 2019 tax laws

Here is a reminder of changes affecting your tax returns for the 2018 tax year


Verizon’s deal could get you a free iPhone XR — but there’s some fine print

Verizon launched a new deal for its smartphones aimed at encouraging customers to open a new line. If you're willing and you want two new phones, you could get a free Samsung Galaxy S9, iPhone XR, or Pixel 3. More>>

Save over $350 on the Refurbished iPad Mini 4 for a limited time

Looking to buy an iPad without having to pay that iPad price? For a limited time, you can pick up a refurbished iPad Mini 4 for as low as $137. That's $363 less than you would pay for something brand new. More>>

Bose QuietComfort wireless headphones are more than $80 off for a limited time

The Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II is one of our favorite wireless headphones. Its noise-canceling and Bluetooth capabilities make it an excellent pair of over-ear headphones. If you've been wanting the high-quality... More>>

Want to reach your goals in 2019? Grab a friend, partner, or spouse and ask each other 4 questions

Take a little time to do this goal-setting exercise with someone you trust. It can make all the difference this year


From Samsung to HP, here are the best cheap Chromebook deals right now

Whether you want a compact laptop to enjoy some entertainment on the go, or you need a no-nonsense machine for school or work, we've smoked out the best cheap Chromebook deals -- from full-sized laptops to 2-in-1... More>>

Start your home gym and save over $200 with this fitness machine

January is the trial month of sticking to your fitness goals and a home gym can help. If 2019 is the year you start investing in your health goals Walmart is discounting this professional workout machine so you can... More>>

How the interest rate increase affects you

Your Christmas gift from the Federal Reserve is here. Surprise! It's another 0.25% hike in the Federal Funds rate


The Most Affordable Beach Towns in 2019

Beachfront property in warm locales is not exactly in large supply, so it can be difficult to find an affordable home where you and your family can winter. For the past few years, though, SmartAsset has endeavored to... More>>

Best tax software deals from TurboTax, H&R Block, and more

Do you dread doing your taxes? Luckily for you, there are plenty of tax software options available to guide you through the process. And guess what? Some of them are even on sale today! Check out deals from TurboTax, H&R... More>>

The best vlogging cameras of 2019

Any camera that shoots video can be used to vlog, but a few models stand out from the crowd thanks to superior image quality, ergonomics, and usability. When it comes to putting your life on YouTube, here are the best... More>>

Tidying up with Netflix’s Marie Kondo? Save on ClosetMaid essentials at Wayfair

Netflix premiered 'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo' on New Year's Day, a show about decluttering and organizing. If you want to try to live by her philosophy in 2019, Wayfair is currently having up to 70 percent off on... More>>

Save hundreds with the best MacBook deals for May 2018

If you’re in the market for a new Apple laptop, let us make your work a little easier: We hunted down the best up-to-date MacBook deals available online right now from various retailers. More>>

Need a robot vacuum? Amazon is slashing prices on iRobot Roomba alternatives

A robot vacuum is a great smart home device that helps keep your home tidy and avoid some housework. Amazon is discounting the Eufy Robovac 11S and Eufy Robovac 11+. A self-cleaning home is the future and now you can be a... More>>

Check out our list of the best iPhone deals for May 2018

Apple devices can get expensive, but if you just can't live without iOS, don't despair: We've curated an up-to-date list of all of the best iPhone deals available for April 2018. More>>

Need a small business loan? Why the small business administration can't help

With each new day of the government shutdown, hundreds of additional small business owners are left without a crucial source of capital


New year, better sleep: Refresh your bedroom with these mattress and bedding deals

Many of the most popular online mattress retailers are hosting New Year's sales, with items listed for hundreds of dollars off the regular prices. We've collected the top discounts from Casper, Nectar, Purple, and more. More>>

Cities With the Best Work-Life Balance – 2019 Edition

A healthy work-life balance is something most professionals in the U.S. highly value. In fact, 53% of employees say that a job conducive to a greater work-life balance and improved personal well-being is “very... More>>

The best video cameras of 2019

Although not as popular as they once were, dedicated video cameras still have their benefits. From travel vlogging to home movies to recording your kid's little league game, here are the best video cameras you can buy... More>>

Retirement and multiple employment plans

Multiple employment plans allow businesses in completely unrelated industries to pool their resources under the same retirement plan umbrella


Looking for wireless earbuds? These Apple AirPods alternatives are $115 off

When it comes to wireless earbuds, Apple AirPods pretty much dominate the market, but that doesn't they are the only option available to you. Walmart is offering a $115 discount on a pair of Photive Wireless Earbuds right... More>>

You can get a refurbished Apple Watch for under $200 at Walmart right now

The Apple Watch reigns at top in the smartwatches market, but with its costly price tag attached, it’s often hard to afford this great wearable device. Walmart is offering steep discounts for refurbished Apple Watch Series... More>>

More than half of rewards credit cardholders carry a balance

Rewards cards can provide great benefits – but they can also tempt you to overspend. When that happens, you're more likely to carry a balance and wipe out your rewards with interest charges


How to Buy a Second Home

Have you ever been on vacation and wondered how delightful it might be to have the chance to live in that locale, even part-time? The tangible next step to this realization could be looking at a local real estate guide... More>>

How to Buy an Apartment

You can fulfill the American dream of homeownership by owning an apartment just as you can with a traditional home. Owning instead of renting can also be good for your finances, as you’re building equity in a... More>>

B&H slashes prices on Apple Watches and iPad Pros during CES 2019

B&H Photo is discounting the Apple iPad Pro (2017) and the Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 with GPS+Cellular for a limited time. If you've wanted one of the best tablets on the market or one of the most sought-after... More>>

What Are the Tax Benefits of an LLC?

One of the most popular ways to organize a business is as a limited liability company, otherwise known as an LLC. LLCs require less paperwork than C corporations and S corporations, while giving owners some of the same... More>>

How to financially prepare your business for a future recession

Now is a good time to consider your cash-flow options


The 5 best Apple AirPods alternatives for Android, Windows, and iOS devices

Apple AirPods, nice as they are, aren't the only game in town. Other makers are offering their own truly wireless earbuds, and if you're looking to buy a pair of high-end in-ear headphones, we've got the best AirPod... More>>

California Gift Tax: All You Need to Know

California doesn’t enforce its own gift tax. However, the federal government does. That tax rate can climb to as high as 40%. Still, there are plenty of ways you can minimize the hit or avoid it all together. For the... More>>

What Is the Annuity Exclusion Ratio?

If you have looked into products like annuities, you’ve probably seen the term “exclusion ratio” floating around. It’s one of the most important factors you need to consider when planning your investments. The exclusion... More>>

You still need a high credit score to refinance

Times aren't great in the mortgage refinancing market


3 ways a prolonged government shutdown could affect U.S. businesses

Agencies are operating with minimum resources, forcing them to stop prominent programs


The best mattress toppers for a better night’s sleep

You may not want to drop a bunch of cash on a new mattress, but with a good mattress topper, you may not have to. Modern technologies make it easier to get a good night's sleep, and we've rounded up the top 10 mattress... More>>

Where Full-Time Workers Pay the Most Taxes: 2019

It can be difficult to look at your paycheck and see upwards of 15% of it sent to the government. Of course, those taxes pay for worthwhile causes, a fact that doesn’t always lessen the initial sting of seeing your …... More>>

Unusual Jobs That Are Abundant in the 30 Largest Metro Areas

Many cities have a reputation for being filled with a particular type of professional.  Picturing New York City, for instance, some people may conjure up an image of Wall Street with its highly paid financiers. San... More>>

Amazon drops the price of the Fitbit Aria 2 smart scale to a new low

Amazon is dropping the price of the Fitbit Aria 2 smart scale, among other Fitbit activity trackers, just in time to aid you in your resoluteness. With a discount of $35, this is the lowest price we've seen so far for the... More>>

Are Banks Open on Labor Day?

Labor Day is an American holiday that celebrates workers and the labor movement. Observed on the first Monday of September, it also (unofficially) marks the end of summer. To most, Labor Day means a three-day weekend of... More>>

How to Buy a Tesla

Teslas are hot right now, and not just because they’re named after a man who once tried to invent the death ray. Elon Musk’s brainchild has cultural cachet, doesn’t need gas and might just help keep the Florida coastline... More>>

How to Buy Rental Property

If you’re thinking of investing in real estate, why not buy a rental property? Whether it’s just a small home or apartment or, at the higher end, a multi-family home or apartment building, you can generate robust and... More>>

How to Buy a Franchise

A franchise can be the best of both worlds. When you become a franchisee, you get to launch and own your small business without having to create one from the ground up. A franchise means buying into a proven business... More>>

The best iPad cases and covers for 2018

The iPad is powerful, but it isn't invincible. Thankfully, we've rounded up some of the best iPad cases and covers for Apple's latest tablet, just in case you want to outfit your device with some added protection. More>>

Changing your mind on Social Security benefits

You've just become eligible for Social Security benefits. Are you going to apply for them now, wait until your full retirement age, or delay benefits as long as you possibly can?


Amazon drops prices on refurbished Apple Watches in this one-day sale

The Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches on the market, but it comes with a costly price tag attached. If you take a dip into the refurbished market, you can get the Apple Watch Series 1,2, and 3 at a decent price... More>>

The best Xbox 360 games

The Xbox 360 thrived during a generation where games were plentiful. Here's our list of the best Xbox 360 games of all time, including all game genres and even a few special indie hits. More>>

GameStop and Target are offering big savings on Nintendo Switch games

Both Target and GameStop are offering big sales on Nintendo Switch games, including several of the best games for the system. The deals are physical at Target and digital at GameStop. More>>

How Are Annuities Taxed?

An annuity can provide you with income that is guaranteed for as long as you live.  These retirement savings vehicles do provide some tax benefits by letting earnings grow tax-deferred. However, at least part of your... More>>

The best weather apps for the iPhone

Don't rely solely on your local meteorologist to stay up to date on the weather. Take matters into your own hands with one of these weather apps, each of which brings something unique to the table. More>>

Annuity vs. 401(k): Which Is Better for Retirement?

Choosing the right way to save for retirement based on your personal needs is easier said than done. There is a plethora of options available, with annuities and 401(k) plans being some of the most prominent. While these... More>>

EBIT vs. EBITDA: What Is the Difference?

Whether you’re a financial professional or just an interested stockholder, you’ve probably run into the acronyms “EBIT” and “EBITDA” before. Both of these analytical metrics are a way of measuring a firm’s profits. While... More>>

How to Open a Brokerage Account

Buying stocks, bonds, and other investments through a brokerage firm is cheaper and easier than ever. Deals abound, as discount brokers like Charles Schwab and Ally charge as low as $4.95 per trade. In many cases, opening... More>>

UGMA vs. UTMA Custodial Accounts

So you’d like to set aside some money for your children. Perhaps you want to build an early inheritance or, more likely, you’d like to get a jump on their college fund. In either case, you’ll want to know about …... More>>

How to Invest in a Hedge Fund

Hedge funds are more loosely regulated than traditional mutual funds and tend to invest in different types of securities. This can mean higher returns, but it can also mean higher fees and greater risk of loss. If you’re... More>>

5 steps to take if turned down for a checking account

Take a deep breath and start your path to redemption using these five tips


The best deals on workout headphones that aren’t Apple AirPods

If you don't have the right sports headphones but love getting a sweat on to an epic pump-up playlist, it's time to invest in a good pair. Buying yourself something new to support your active lifestyle might just be the... More>>

North Carolina Gift Tax: All You Need to Know

North Carolina no longer enforces its own gift tax. However, you may trigger a gift tax at the federal level depending on the value of the gifts you provide.  But you won’t owe a gift tax until you breach your …... More>>

Florida Gift Tax: All You Need to Know

There is no Florida gift tax, but the federal government enforces one. Nonetheless, you may just need to report a gift to an individual in a particular year that’s valued at more than $15,000. In most cases, you won’t pay... More>>

The difference between an entrepreneur and a businessperson is this

Do you see opportunities that everyone else has missed?


The Best Cities to Work From Home

The benefits of working from home are manifold — but especially helpful when it comes to your mental state and finances. After all, a commute can be stressful and pricey if you’re guzzling gas while sitting in... More>>

Places Where Residents Are Improving Their Finances the Most

Each new year, Americans tell themselves they’re going to make changes to improve their lives. According to a recent YouGov poll, the top three lifestyle adjustments Americans want to make are eating healthier,... More>>

Still have money in your Flexible Spending Account? Head to the FSA online store

Don’t panic if you still have money sitting in your FSA and no doctor's appointments on the horizon. The FSA store has plenty of cool, useful gizmos you’ll want to purchase for your home and your health. More>>

New Jersey Gift Tax: All You Need to Know

New Jersey doesn’t have a gift tax. However, you may still owe a federal gift tax if the value of the gifts you provide exceed a certain amount. Following the passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the federal …... More>>

The best calendar apps for Android and iOS

There are numerous calendar apps available on iOS and Android, but separating the good from the bad can be difficult. Thankfully, we rounded up 15 of the best calendar apps to help you better organize your affairs. More>>

Wyoming Estate Tax

Wyoming does not levy an estate tax. There is a federal estate tax, though, that will apply to Wyoming residents with large enough estates. This page will walk Cowboy State residents though what they’ll need to know about... More>>

Need a new tablet? Check out the best iPad deals for May 2018

In the wide world of tablets, Apple is still the king. If you're on team Apple and just can't live without iOS, we've curated an up-to-date list of all of the best iPad deals currently available for May 2018. More>>

Tennessee Estate Tax

Tennessee has no estate tax, regardless of the size of your estate. There is a federal estate tax, though, that will apply to Volunteer State residents who have estates of sufficient size. This page will walk Tennesseans... More>>

South Dakota Estate Tax

South Dakota does not levy an estate tax. There is a federal estate tax, however, that will apply to South Dakotans who have estates of a certain size. This page is a guide for Mount Rushmore State residents who are... More>>

6 tips to make your 2019 budget

Many people are reconsidering their budget to prevent holiday overspending over the next few months. If you are one of these people, good for you – but why stop there?


The Safest Cities in America in 2018

When families are looking to move to a new area, they often consider the affordability of a new city, their new commutes and the quality of local schools. But one factor they can overlook is safety. More than just being... More>>

Minnesota Gift Tax: All You Need to Know

Minnesota no longer enforces its own gift tax, but you may still owe one at the federal level if you exceed your lifetime gift and estate tax exemption. However, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law by President... More>>

HP slashes prices on laser printers and more for the new year

HP makes some of the best printers on the market today, and a ton of them are on sale right now at discounts of up to $250. You have to act fast, though: This New Year's HP printer sale only lasts until Wednesday, January 2. More>>

Need a last-minute gift? Get an iPhone Wireless Charger for under $20

Whether you're looking for stocking stuffers or gift ideas, these deals from Mophie, Anker, and Yootech can get you a wireless charging pad for cheap. Don't settle for wired charging if you don't have to. More>>

Save up to $700 with the best smartphone deals for May 2018

This is the perfect time to score a new smartphone and save some cash. We've rounded up the best smartphone deals available right now -- carrier devices as well as unlocked phones -- that can save you as much as $700. More>>

How to Set Up a Trust Fund

Setting up a trust fund is one of many ways you can transfer money, property, and other assets to your loved ones or worthwhile causes. Like a will, it’s an estate planning tool that outlines how your affairs should... More>>

What Time Does the Bank Close?

While there’s a lot you can do at an ATM or through a mobile banking app, there are times when you need to visit an actual bank branch. So what time does the bank close? In the past, all bank … Continue reading... More>>

Oklahoma Estate Tax

Oklahoma has no estate tax, though some Sooner State residents may pay the federal estate tax if their estate is above a certain size. This page will walk Oklahomans through the estate tax so they can better plan their... More>>

Wisconsin Estate Tax

Wisconsin has no estate tax. The federal estate tax may apply to residents of the state, however, if their estate is valuable enough. This page is for Badger State residents who want to learn more about the estate tax as... More>>

North Dakota Estate Tax

There is no estate tax in North Dakota. The federal government has an estate tax, though, and it may apply to North Dakotans if their estate is of sufficient value. This guide is for Roughrider State residents who are... More>>

New Mexico Estate Tax

New Mexico does not have an estate tax, though there is a federal estate tax that will apply to New Mexicans who have large enough estates. This guide will take Land of Enchantment residents though all of the relevant... More>>

New Hampshire Estate Tax

New Hampshire has no estate tax. The federal estate tax may apply to residents of the state, though, if their estates are worth enough. This guide is for Granite Staters who are looking for the information they need to... More>>

Nebraska Estate Tax

Nebraska does not have an estate tax, though the federal estate tax will apply to Nebraskans if their estate is worth enough. Nebraska also has an inheritance tax to watch out for. This guide will take Cornhusker State... More>>

Nevada Estate Tax

Nevada does not have an estate tax. There is a federal estate tax, though, that may apply if your estate is large enough. This guide will walk Silver State residents through the estate tax information they need to know to... More>>

How to Buy a Domain Name

Nearly every business and organization has a website. Many individuals also choose to claim their own space on the internet. But before you build a website, you’ll need a domain name – a unique website address that... More>>

Interest rates on the rise this holiday season

America has been enjoying historically low interest rates for years – but those days are coming to an end


This discounted HP Spectre x360 laptop is a great Dell XPS 13 alternative

The Dell XPS 13 may be the best laptop you can buy, but that doesn't mean it's the only one you worth looking at. The HP Spectre x360 13t comes fully loaded and is $250 off for a limited time. More>>

The best New Year’s resolution apps

Are you one of the people who find it difficult to keep your New Year's resolutions? Whether you want to get better at managing your expenses or live a healthier lifestyle, the best New Year's resolution apps can help. More>>

Changes to Medicare in 2019

In 2019, changes to Medicare may improve the healthcare options and flexibility for beneficiaries


REI’s end-of-year sale saves you 50 percent off the best backpacks and more

REI is your one-stop shop for the best outdoor gear for your next backpacking adventure. REI is offering an end-of-year sale with discounts on cycling apparel, footwear, jackets, and more but hurry because this sale only... More>>

Do camcorders still make sense in 2018? Our camcorder buying guide

Camcorders were once the one-size-fits-all video solution for the masses, but they are much rarer today. As our phones continue to get better at video, the desire to buy a camcorder is decreasing -- however, there are... More>>

Upgrade your smartwatch with Apple Watch straps for under $25

The Apple Watch is one of the most easily accessorized watches on the market, so If you're ready to upgrade your smartwatch with something a little more suited to you, here are 4 great affordable options. More>>

When should you sell your company? 3 things this entrepreneur learned from a successful acquisition

Alexa von Tobel sold her company, LearnVest, to Northwestern Mutual. Here's what she learned in the process.


Save time and get healthy with the best meal-planning apps

Meal-planning apps help make cooking, shopping for ingredients, and finding the right recipes easy -- especially if you want to save time or lose weight. Take a look at the best meal-planning apps to see how they can help. More>>

Save on HP Spectre laptops, and more during the HP Red Tag Sale

With discounts of up to 55 percent off on desktop PCs, laptops, PC accessories, printers, monitors, and more, the 2018 HP Red Tag Sale is the perfect chance to score a deal on a gift for yourself or for someone you won't... More>>

Browse safely and save up to $80 with McAfee’s Total Protection holiday sale

If you don't have some sort of protection on your phone, tablet, or computer, you're basically leaving the door open for anyone looking to perpetrate a cyberattack. Protect yourself for a year with McAfee Total Protection... More>>

Don't answer that text from your "bank"

Your smartphone may substitute for your bank card. However, that adds another avenue for fraudsters to trick you out of personal information and drain your bank account


Best Buy’s flash sale takes up to $800 off Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pro today

If you're looking to give the gift of computing this holiday, Best Buy's single-day flash sale will save you up to $800 on select configurations of Apple's 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro. The notebook comes equipped with a Touch... More>>

Save $350 on the 13-inch HP Spectre x360 with these Red Tag Sales

Looking for last minute deals on HP laptops? HP is currently running a Red Tag Sale, cutting $350 off the price of the 13-inch touchscreen variant of its Spectre X360 Windows 10 convertible. More>>

The best heated clothing

If you're thinking about going outside this winter, heated apparel is a must. Luckily, we've rounded up some of the best heated clothing, whether you're looking for battery-powered gloves or heated insoles. More>>

The best last-minute Christmas gift ideas for holiday slackers

The countdown to Christmas has really ramped up, but there are plenty of fantastic gifts still available. We've found all of the last-minute gifts you need to have yourself a successful holiday on any budget. More>>

Missed your chance to get an Apple Watch? Give them a last-minute gift card

With Christmas just a few days away you might have missed the shipping deadline. Don't panic, let's you send customized eGift Cards with a message attached so that every time they swipe they're reminded of you. More>>

Xbox Countdown sale offers big savings on digital games like ‘Forza Horizon 4’

Microsoft is currently running its Countdown sale for Xbox, giving players big savings on many of the year's best games, including huge titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Forza Horizon 4. More>>

Under the wire gifts for Christmas delivery from Instant Pot, Vizio, and Samsung

It's getting down to the wire for gift delivery before Christmas. We combed through Amazon and Walmart and found good deals on quality gifts sure to please from Instant Pot, Samsung, Lenovo, Vizio, and more. More>>

The best compact cars of 2018

The best compact cars on the market rival their counterparts in many ways, proving that bigger isn’t always better. Here, we've rounded up some of the better options available, including an SUV and an electric alternative. More>>

Hit the books! Udemy’s top-rated courses are up to 90 percent off, today only

This week, Udemy is offering a huge selection of their courses for up to 90 percent off the original price. So whether you’ve always thought of improving your Photoshop skills or taking the next step in your career,... More>>

Amazon and Walmart just slashed prices on Apple Watch and other smartwatches

If you're not quite done shopping for Christmas gifts, we found good deals on Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin smartwatches from Amazon and Walmart. These versatile smartwatches are available for free shipping and... More>>

Here’s where to buy a PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch in time for Christmas

Christmas is almost here, but you still have time to purchase the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch to give as a gift. Here's where you can find the console in time for Christmas. More>>

The Bose QuietComfort 35 noise-canceling headphones just went on sale

As convenient as earbuds are, over-ear headphones are still a better way to enjoy your music. And the Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones in black are on sale for $50 on Amazon right now. More>>

Yet another large data breach – Are you protected?

As many as half a billion customers may be affected, making the Marriott hack the second largest ever in terms of exposed records


The best Nokia 8.1 cases

With a notch and a powerful midrange processor, the Nokia 8.1 is Nokia's latest great smartphone. But it's no match for concrete. Here are some of the best Nokia 8.1 cases to keep your phone protected. More>>

Walmart’s $100 2018 iPad discount is one of the best we’ve seen yet

The 2018 iPad is one of the best tablets we've ever seen and the tablet we recommend to the vast majority of users. Now, Walmart is offering one of the best deals so far on the device: $100 off the 32GB space gray version. More>>

The best iPhone XS Max screen protectors to safeguard that huge display

If you love big screens, then the iPhone XS Max's huge 6.5-inch display is perfect for you. But it won't fare well against concrete. Protect your display with the best iPhone XS Max screen protectors. More>>

West Virginia Estate Tax

There is no estate tax in West Virginia, but residents of the state may still have to pay the federal estate tax if the value of their estate is high enough. In this guide, Mountain State residents will find the …... More>>

MasterClass holiday deal gets you two All-Access Passes for the price of one

MasterClass is bringing back its buy one, gift one promotion. Through midnight on December 27, you can purchase an All-Access Pass for $180 and gift a second pass to a friend or loved one at no additional cost. More>>

Need accounting help? QuickBooks Self-Employed is half off for the holidays

QuickBooks is a great accounting software package, and a must-have if you’re an independent contractor and entrepreneur. For a limited time, you can save up to 50 percent on QuickBooks self-employed for the holidays. More>>

Walmart slashes the price of the Fitbit Versa smartwatch before Christmas

If you're scrambling to find some great last-minute gifts, Fitbit watches are being discounted online from Walmart. If you were looking to gift a smartwatch, take advantage of Walmart's holiday deals while supplies last. More>>

Missouri Estate Tax

Missouri does not levy its own estate tax. Missourians may be liable for the federal estate tax, though, if their estates are large enough. This guide walks Show-Me State residents through what what they need to be aware... More>>

Montana Estate Tax

Montana does not have an estate tax. Montanans may still have to pay the federal estate tax, though, if the value of their estate is high enough. This guide takes Big Sky Country residents through what they need to know... More>>

Mississippi Estate Tax

Mississippi has no estate tax, but the federal estate tax will still apply to Mississippians if their estate is worth enough. This page guides Magnolia State residents through what they need to know to protect their assets... More>>

Bond Index Funds: The Pros and Cons

Bond index funds invest in a selection of bonds intended to reflect the performance of a particular index. They can provide investors with a window to diversified, low-fee investing. However, bond index funds also carry... More>>

How to avoid overspending this holiday season

You've overspent during past holiday seasons, but you're determined not to let it happen this year. What's your plan to prevent painful post-holiday bills?


Amazon Fire Deals: Tablets, TVs, and TV controllers in stock and ready to ship

Last-minute shoppers, and anyone seeking good deals on Amazon Fire products, are in luck. There's still time to order Fire Tablets, Fire TVs, and Fire media players, Fire CVRs, and Alexa-voice-compatible Fire remotes for... More>>

Tech the halls with the best stocking stuffers for any budget

If stuffed stockings is a tradition in your home it also means scrambling to find one-of-a-kind stocking stuffers for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Check out this list of our favorites. More>>

Louisiana Estate Tax

There is no estate tax in Louisiana, but residents of the Bayou State may still have to pay the federal estate tax if their estate is worth enough. This guide takes Louisianans through what they need to know about the... More>>

Kentucky Estate Tax

There is no estate tax in Kentucky. However, there is an inheritance tax that residents should be aware of when thinking about estate planning. There is also the federal estate tax to think about, which may apply if your... More>>

Hawaii Estate Tax

Hawaii levies an estate tax. The tax is progressive, with rates ranging from 10.00% to 15.70%. For 2018, the estate tax exemption in Hawaii is $5.49 million. That number is expected to rise to the federal exemption level... More>>

Today’s best Amazon deals: Routers, Roombas, and Raspberry Pi Kits

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but for retail giants like Amazon, the savings are only getting started. We've scoured the depths of Amazon to find you the very best deals going on right now. More>>

The Best Cities for Beer Drinkers – 2018 Edition

Just six years ago, the Census Bureau estimated there were only 880 breweries in America. But the craft beer revolution took off: By 2016, the Census Bureau pegged that number at 2,802, 2,605 of which belonged to the... More>>

The Most Fitness-Friendly Places for 2019

The new year is a time to reflect on which aspects of our lives we can most improve. For many people, that may mean a remorseful peak into their savings account or a regretful pinch of the waistline. Statistically... More>>

Gifts that keep on giving: Last-minute holiday deals on subscription boxes

Subscription boxes truly are the gifts that keep on giving, and they make fantastic last-minute presents. With so many options available, you’re destined to find something to please even the Grinchiest giftee on your list. More>>

Get a credit card without a job

If you are just starting out on your own and have no job yet, or you're down on your luck and currently unemployed, will you be able to qualify for a credit card? The answer is yes, within limitations


You can now get a Surface Laptop 2 for $800 at the Microsoft Store

Along with deals on other variants, starting configurations of Microsoft's Surface Laptop 2 are now going for $800 online at its retail store, cutting $200 from its usual $1,000 starting price. More>>

Amazon takes $300 off Intel Core i7 Surface Pro 6 in latest sale

If you're looking for savings on the Surface Pro 6, Amazon is the place to shop. It currently is discounting the Intel Core i7 variant of Microsoft's latest 2-in-1 by $300, though no Type Cover is included. More>>

What Is the Average CD Rate?

Certificates of deposit, or CDs, offer a reliable and structured approach to savings. A CD has a set term length, and once you make your initial deposit, you can’t touch that money until the term ends. This allows your... More>>

How to Retire in Jamaica

It’s easy to understand why a Jamaican retirement would be attractive to many people. Anyone who’s enjoyed Jamaica’s beaches, lush greenery and beautiful weather could see the appeal of living out their golden... More>>

This Nike promo code will take $30 off orders of $150 or more

Looking to run like an athlete with new Nike shoes? For a limited-time, Nike is offering huge sales site wide plus free shipping if you're a Nike Plus member. Nike store promo codes don't come by often so this is perfect... More>>

Costco members can cut up to $200 off MacBook and iMac price tags

Costco is discounting MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops by as much as $200 as part of a members-only sale. It also has deals on select MacBooks and iMacs, with optional Apple Care in most instances. More>>

Now is the best time for a rewards credit card

Do you have a rewards credit card? If not, now is the perfect time to consider one


Connecticut Gift Tax: All You Need to Know

Connecticut recently increased its lifetime gift tax exemption to $2.6 million, and it will continue to climb in the coming years. This means you won’t owe a Connecticut gift tax unless the gifts you provide in those... More>>

Top 4 Regrets Retirees Have About Saving (or Not Saving)

What are the true money mistakes that real people end up regretting? We may now have the answers. In a recent poll of retirement-age Americans, 1,600 retirees discussed their biggest regrets when it came to money and saving.


15 Unique pet gift ideas to stuff in your four-legged friend’s Christmas stocking

There are so many people to shop for during the holiday season, but you can't forget about your four-legged friend. If you don't already spoil your pet throughout the year, the holidays offer the perfect excuse to spoil them. More>>

5 New Year's resolutions to raise your credit score

You're determined to make 2019 the year you raise your credit score. Why not get off to a good start with these five New Year's resolutions to send your credit score in the right direction?


Best Places to Retire in Alaska

Perhaps the generic portrait of a retiree lounging on a beach isn’t quite your thing. Instead, you might be considering going in the opposite direction and living in Alaska for retirement. In addition to the state’s... More>>

Disability income and debt

What can disabled persons do about telephone calls and letters from collectors? What happens if you are sued?


Can the IRS or student loan creditors garnish my Social Security?

Find out how you can protect your financial interests


Double-check your beneficiaries

What happens to your financial accounts when you pass away? They will be passed along to the beneficiary or beneficiaries designated for that account – but what happens when your beneficiaries are out-of-date?


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