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Coryell County

Bounty hunting for feral hogs

By Eric Gemmell

CORYELL COUNTY -  Hunting feral hogs from the air has been grounded.  Importing alligators from Florida to control the population fell flat, but the latest idea to elminate the pests may work - bounty hunting.

Coryell County officials are considering paying hunters and ranchers cash rewards for each feral hog shot dead.

While the county hasn't estimated the exact price yet, County Judge John Firth said Tuesday the problem needs immediate action.

"This is a real burden," he said.

Rancher David Hopson agrees the county needs help.  He said wild hogs destroy tens of acres each year costing thousands of dollars in damages.

Hopson is so fed up with feral hogs he said he'd willing throw in his support for shooting hogs whether he'd get paid or not. 

"It would be worth a lot to me if we could eradicate hogs in Coryell County."

He added, the cash incentive may get other folks in Central Texas involved in the program.

"I think it will help.  It will inspire a lot of people who don't pay attention to them," he said.  


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