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Local business and civic leaders discuss renewable energy

WACO - Waco business and civic leaders met on Monday to discuss the benefits renewable energy will have on the Texas economy.

Former State Comptroller Billy Hamilton released a study that examined the energy economy in Texas and the benefits of new energy sources.

The study revealed the creation of nearly 23,000 new jobs and more than $2.5 billion a year in local and state tax revenue.

One local business leader, Charles Olson stressed the importance of this issue and the economic opportunities it can bring to Waco.

"We should care number one because it's a reality, its coming and number two we should care because we can generate a lot of jobs," Olson said. "Waco is well placed to generate jobs and to manufacture the types of things that will generate this type of energy."

This report showed to benefit in the long run from renewable energy Texans will have to invest about the price of a postage stamp a-day.

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