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Dead soldier's identities stolen in online fraud scheme

by John Cuoco

TEMPLE - It's a terrible new twist on an old scam, the identity of dead soldiers being used to trick women on the Internet to get money.

It's not going unnoticed, the army has issued warnings and one Central Texas soldier is tracking down the scammers. Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham is scouring the Internet for the con men.

"I have nothing good to say about those kinds of people, I don't think I could left alone with them if I found them," Grisham said.

He started his mission after finding out his own identity was stolen and used.

Grisham said these scam artists build profiles on dating sites or Facebook using the images of the dead soldiers, they even use their names or something close.

"There is no lower than using the image of a dead solider to further fraud," he said.

Grisham, who is stationed at Fort Hood and runs a blog, works with women who were ripped off or nearly ripped off to track down the culprits, then he confronts through email letting them know just how they're hurting their victims.

"Their immediate reaction to being caught is a despicable attitude, they become irate and mean," he explained.

Unfortunately, the military investigators told News Channel 25 they can't do anything to arrest the criminals behind the keyboards because more often than not they're overseas.

"I'm in an investigative operation that tracks felony crimes, 99 percent of people are good, the other part are scum bags," Chris Grey, U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command, said.

Both the military and Grisham say awareness is the best way to fight back.

"I get the satisfaction that I'm bringing honor to who ever is in those pictures, the real soldiers behind those pictures," Grisham said.

For more information and help on spotting a fake: (Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham's Blog)


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