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State rests after day that includes Baker mistress on the stand

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WACO - The McLennan County prosecutors have restED their case Tuesday after a day of testimony that included Matt Baker's former mistress describing details of him allegedly murdering his wife, Kari. 

During cross-examination, the defense argued Bulls was a liar.  They pointed to inconsistencies in her testimony and statements made to police during the murder investigation.

Bulls countered by claiming Baker implied he would hurt her if she told on him.  She also said she had nothing to gain by making false statements and was trying to make things right.


Matt Baker's former mistress shared what she knew about Kari Baker's death on the trial's fourth day.

Vanessa Bulls took the stand around 9:15 Tuesday morning. She claims Matt told her Kari's actual nature of death.

According to Bulls, during a date night with his wife, Matt offered Kari a sexual stimulant pill. She said before giving the pill to Kari, Matt removed the medication inside, then replaced it with crushed Ambien, a narcotic sleeping aid. She said the drug made Kari pass out.

Bulls then said Matt tried to suffocate Kari with a pillow.  But, when that failed he used his own hands to suffocate her.  He told her he could make his wife's death look like a suicide because she had attempted to do so before.

Following the days after Kari's death, Matt attempted to get rid of his work computer at the Waco Center of Youth, to destroy traces he'd search for different sleeping aids.  At one point, he attempted to switch the computer with his own father's, who lives in Kerrvile. 

She also confessed Matt planned on trading in Kari's old wedding band for a new engagement ring for her.

Bulls has denied any involvement with Kari's death and claims to only have stayed with Matt because she feared for her security and felt safe with him. 

She was granted immunity from any of her testimony in March of 2009 when she went upon a grand jury.

Tuesday is the first day back since the trial recessed on Friday.

Matt Baker, a former pastor, is on trial for Kari's 2006 death. 

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