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Decorate a plate could help your state

by Loren Korn

WACO - The State Legislature along with the company created a program to launch fancy new personalized license plates. It's a way for drivers to get creative by customizing their own license plates. While intentions are good, some say these plates could be a problem for law enforcement.

You purchase a plate, pick your design, spell your message and then hit the road

"It's a way that as Texas are putting money into the general revenue fund that's not a mandatory tax or fee," said Kim Miller Drummond, MyPlates Public Relations Director.

Drummond said these twenty colorful themed license plates should raise $25 million for the Lone Star state. The plates cost $55 to $195 a year. It also depends on the personal message you choose. While the new fad is a bit pricey, it was a deal that Kyle Binner could not pass up.

"It's just something different than having the typical license plate. Earlier this year, Texas changed the style of the license plate. I like the new style but these are even more appealing as far as looks," said Binner.

But some critics say these plates could be hard to read and make it more difficult for law enforcement to do their job. The Department of Public Safety disagrees.

"It's probably going to jump out at them more so than the plates they've been used to. So it may actually help law enforcement on some of our investigations," said Corporal Charlie Morgan, Department of Public Safety.

Drummond says the plates also serve as an advertising purpose. REMAX of Texas has their own license plate and says it's a unique way of brand marketing.

"It's some fun you can have on your bumper and express yourself in a different way. It just gives you more choices in what license plate you want to have," said Drummond.

This program is only a week old and Drummond says they've started selling them as gifts. The first time Texas has sold license plates for presents.

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