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Suspects arrested in Hill College rape investigation

Clark Clark
Brown Brown
Kirkland Kirkland

by Patrick Tolbert and Henry Rosoff

HILLSBORO -  The three Hill College basketball players facing charges in connection with an alleged on campus rape of a fellow student were identified by Hillsboro Police Wednesday afternoon.

Police tell News Channel 25 that 18-year-old Eddie William Brown, III, of Newark, N.J. and 20-year-old Monterale Clark, of Vancouver, Wash., were both charged with sexual assault; their bond was set at $50,000 each. 

College Basketball Recruiting site reports Clark, a 6'10" forward, committed to play for Marquette University in 2010.

The third player, Kenny Kirkland, of Wisconsin, was charged with tampering with evidence for allegedly throwing away the victim's underwear.  According to Arrest affidavits obtained by News Channel 25, Kirkland told detectives he "disposed of the garment to avoid implication in the incident... Officers later recovered the victim's underwear from the trash dumpster."

Police also said alcohol was definitely a factor in the alleged incident. According to arrest affidavits, "The victim states she was encouraged to consume a large quantity of 'Ever Clear' liquor and Dr. Pepper to the extent she was impaired and unable to stand or walk," the affidavit said."

The alleged sexual assault occurred around 9:00 p.m. Monday night at the Bailey Dorm on campus.  Police arrived on the scene at about 9:50 p.m.  According to the affidavits, police originally questioned five people along with the victim.  They released two suspects after they gave statements Monday night.

The victim was sent to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center for Sexual Assault Nurse Examination, as well as physical and psychological treatment.

Police held Brown, Clark and Kirkland until Tuesday night when they were arrested and charged.   The three were arraigned Wednesday afternoon in Municipal Court Judge Florence L. Logan's court in Hillsboro.

The affidavits go into gruesome detail, much of which cannot be put on New Channel 25's website.  The three men charged in connection  with the alleged rape all accuse one and other of being more responsible than themselves.  It also states in graphic detail multiple version of what happened Monday night.

The roster of the Hill College basketball team has been pulled from the school's website.

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